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Family Portrait

About Us

It was always my dream to have a big family, although my husband wasn’t always on board! but when I tell people that we have six kids (including a set of Identical twin boys), their reactions are varied.  I’m either brave, amazing, crazy or blessed depending who you ask, and, how well the children are behaving in the moment.

The fact that all the children are between 13 and 5 (10 and 2 when this blog was started and left to stagnate, I can’t imagine why!) makes life hectic, when you factor in that they all have allergies and intolerances, varying from mild to severe, our daily lives are a little different to the average.   The large majority of food consumed in our house is made from scratch and we choose to homeschool, this also allows us to avoid having to pile the hoard into a car twice a day for drop off and pickup!

Whilst these things helped, it’s still hard to raise six kids with a husband who’s working long hours running his own retail business. We needed a change, so we decided to go bush to leave behind the rat race, the waste and frustration. We sought a simpler life and a smaller footprint. 

We decided to invite you along on our journey, our excitement and discovery of new skills, new paths and new accomplishments whilst we endeavour to become more self sufficient, and enjoy the hard work of building and creating our own lifestyle of slow living and achievements through tasks both small and large!

So come travel our path with us and we can learn together through our research and contacts and (hopefully infrequent) mistakes.

Nyssa x


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